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Ceramic Decals

Water-slide decals (what are they?) for porcelain, ceramic, china, stoneware, and glass

We have thousands of water slide decals ready to purchase, and we do custom work, too!

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About Water-slide Decals

Water-slide decals are a printing technology. (They don’t have any correlation to water slides or theme parks). Anything from logos on coffee mugs to roses on dinnerware, for example, are produced with water-slide decals.

What makes water-slide decals unique?

They last forever!

Ceramics printed with water-slide decals are:

  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Scratch-proof

When you fire a water-slide decal, the cover coat burns away, while the ink fuses with your porcelain, ceramic, china, stoneware, or glass surface creating a permanent bond.

The final product doesn’t have to be an art piece. You can still use your dinnerware after firing with water-slide decals. Drink from your mugs. Eat off your plates. Enjoy them as usual!

How to Apply Decals

Applying a water-slide decal is a simple 4-step process

  1. Soak it. Immerse the decal in water.
  1. Slide it. Apply the decal to your surface and slide off the backing.
  1. Dry it. Important: Dry for 24-hours
  1. Fire it. Bake it in the oven. See our Decal Application Guide (Coming Soon) for firing times & temperatures.
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